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Focusing on the integration of communication and sales chains, we will create a complete product closed loop of "content + traffic + data +", and form an ecosystem that finds users with traffic, retains users with content, and promotes content with data. If you have marketing needs, then this is for you. We provide advertising and public relations services, precision marketing services and traffic marketing and extension services


Accurate positioning, deep cultivation of high-end consumer groups in the Greater Vancouver area. Multi-platform and whole network integrated marketing to increase product exposure. Big data monitoring and analysis to create "explosive" products.


Rich experience in event planning, butler-style landing services, successfully forming a timely closed loop of publicity and sales.


A big data monitoring and analysis mechanism has been established with rapid response, unique resource library and matrix network marketing.

U+ Business Alliance

Enrich the brand pool and enhance joint resources. Create popular items and hot topics with new marketing methods. Helping enterprises realize new ways of cross-border marketing.


Fang Tai

The small square box is super cute steaming and baking all-in-one oven, and Beauty Share Life has found it to be the small and fresh kitchen appliance of Instagram. Baking and steaming is not only housework, it's now fun!

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Rumble Boxing

Boxing is not only a workout but also a release. The fiery sound waves can bring infinite passion.Targeting self-disciplined young customers and helping brands find new experiences in music and fitness.

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Leisure Center

"A fashion gathering place, but also a luxury lifestyle attitude". Life with fashion is a unique social language in a circle.

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Forest Cure

"Forest" breathing is synonymous with the healing power of the forest. Beauty Share Life has found the core competitiveness of the brand "patent buyout technology essential oils", to build confidence for everyone to return to normal life in the post-epidemic era.

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Grasp the pain point of lack of nightlife. Luxurious decoration and visual expression fully express the hedonic lifestyle, spread quickly and become a popular destination.

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Fast-paced life demands beauty without downtime. Beauty Share life precision marketing "facial skin gym" scientific and technological means to stimulate deep muscles.

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Concept One

Each life stage faces different financial decisions. No matter what kind of financial status, you’ll always receive the warmest and most understanding for your needs.

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Bosa & Kingswood Property

The architectural design that combines environment and interpersonal relationship is warmer.Marketing inclusive and innovative residential design, attracting the attention of the Chinese affluent with excellent dynamic and static zoning and excellent Feng Shui.

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Wine is the condensation of wind, rain and time. The extremely high score that I have tasted between my lips and my teeth has an emotion that is quintessential in every drop.

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Our Services


Multi-platform live broadcast service

In-depth cooperation between live broadcast platforms to increase exposure / different types of high-quality presenters make it easy for you to stand in the air of live broadcast.


Short video planning and shooting

A large number of preliminary brand research, professional content and accurate visual packaging of the shooting team within 30s to convey the company's philosophy.


Chinese and English media operation

Multilingual operation of social media on the whole platform, breaking the barriers of multiculturalism.


Promotion Channels and Delivery

Overseas Traditional Media Delivery Resources of Vancouver's Big Chamber of Commerce Top Stream Self-Managed Media Third-Party Media KOL Celebrities Social Media CPC Advertising.


Brand positioning and strategy

market research and report consulting, drawing inspiration from the Chinese art of war, rooting in transaction cost principles and positioning brand empowerment products.


Marketing activities and execution

from communication planning to implementation, professional and meticulous, online social media activities, offline branding.

Development History Milestones

  • 2019.7

    Beauty Share Life was established.

    Adhering to the principle of "We share beauty, you gain beauty", it serves the Chinese high-spending female group in Greater Vancouver in the form of a private club based on sharing skin beauty and health maintenance. At the same time, the female power of hard work and professionalism has also been brought into the public eye, which is eye-catching.

  • 2019.11

    Peninsula VIP Night

    Our personal domain traffic has always been the strengths of Beauty Share Life. Our extensive resource network also allows Beauty Share life to enter the lives of more people allowing us to gain loyal customers. Service and experience are the core of Beauty Share life, and customized customer solutions make us just a little bit more special.

  • 2020.6

    Sales platform launched

    The science and technology department develops and researches e-commerce platforms with excellent interactive experience that are all-encompassing. Many well-known international brands have settled in, guaranteeing genuine products, and 365 days of discounts. Clients settle in quickly and serve private domain traffic carefully.

  • 2021.3

    Open Live Broadcast channel

    In the era of marketing communication 3.0, in addition to its own supply chain products, it also empowers various products and services. 270,000 views on one live broadcast have given us a North American phenomenon.

Our Values

  • We believe that actions speak louder than words.
  • We are committed to doing what’s best for our customers, always.
  • We are driven by curiosity and a motivation to learn.
  • We empower our people to operate like owners.

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