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Anti-Aging Medical _ Laser Clinic
Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic :
Since 2003, Anti-Aging has been offering health & cosmetic treatments. This prestigious clinic offers preventative, private health care to decrease the risk of diseases, and optimize hormones in conjunction with weight health and sexual wellness.

Objective :
Establish the brand presence targeting local Chinese customers, accumulate new customers and create the convertible result in a systematic way.

Our Approach :
Setting an annual plan including WeChat operation, RED operation, seasonal sales and Livetalk Livestreams, influencer & VIP events, the clinic is able to attain convertible results in just one year through a series of online and offline promotions.

Results :
The clinic is gradually attracting new customers and receiving sound effects through the daily operation of mainstream Chinese social media and ongoing event promotion.

Service Set:
WeChat Operation
RED Operation
Sales + LiveTalk Livestreams
Influencer Events
VIP Events
Website Translation…

Public + Private Traffic
Online + Offline
Grow Chinese Target Share

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