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Chinese Social Media Operation
Social Media Operation: WeChat and Little Red Book (RED) are two most indispensable Chinese cross-border social media platforms. The successful operation and growth in both communities brings more opportunity and everlasting effect to the business directly.
WeChat Operation
WeChat has over 1 billion monthly active users. It’s an inclusive online Chinese community for a business brand to enhance the presence through online community building. ++ Tencent's latest financial report shows that the total number of monthly active users of WeChat had reached 1.26 billion by the end of the third quarter of last year, so it can be said that WeChat has become a crucial part of Chinese people's lives.

WeChat is the most suitable social media for private traffic: with its huge user database and mini-programs that have 300 million daily active users. private traffic is an emerging marketing buzzword in China refers to communications with customers being funneled into a database, where brands can have full control with limited or no costs. Establishing a private traffic pool can help a brand to reach customer easier and at a lower cost. U beauty life help our clients set up and operate WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Group, etc. It allows your company to enhance customer loyalty, reduce customer acquisition costs, and maintain high customer stability.

Our Strength
-No Language or Cultural Barrier: our bilingual WeChat Operation Team helps clients navigate the way through WeChat and bridge understanding of WeChat Marketing to produce effective marketing result.

-WeChat Account Preparation Leaves Clients at Ease: we have a dedicated account manager who is responsible for account registration, official account verification and account management. We are responsible for constant contacting with Mainland WeChat Service Team and leave clients at ease.

- Community Management: posting high quality public articles, WeChat Moments(Inclusive friend posts), build & operate a WeChat Customer Group Chat to build a strong WeChat presence.

Little Red Book (RED) Operation
-Little Red Book is a Chinese online-sharing platform with over 100 million monthly active users. The reliable and casual content-sharing concept makes it an effective social commerce platform.

-Top Tier User: The users are mainly young females with high purchasing power and high living standard.

-Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing removes the barriers of traditional advertising because customers are introduced to your brand from a trusted source (the influencer) on an authentic, casual platform.

-Algorithm-Driven Content Feed: use hashtags, appropriate keywords, and fresh original content with articulate words obeying the app rule to maximize output by following the app’s search and algorithm rules.

-Event Planning& Execution: One-stop customizable event service with our professional U Beauty team to support a business's needs. Event scene layout, decoration details, food& flowery, professional videography team, we provide everything you could imagine. Learn More
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